Seasonal Homework
There are some chores, thankfully, we only do on occasion. Here are some little reminders about what to do each time of the year.

Vacuum your refrigerator’s coils

Admittedly, behind the refrigerator is where we normally just kick the ice cubes no one saw us drop. But once in a while, it can be a very good idea to vacuum the dust and other debris back there on the coils. To find your coils look on the back or the bottom of your fridge. Once you’ve found and vacuumed them, you may notice a small savings on your energy bill.

Inspect for pests

Human beings aren’t the only animals who enjoy going out in summer. The pests who plague homeowners are also much more active this time of year. Take advantage of this chance to find them. Look around baseboards and sinks for signs like cracks and wood tubes. And once you find them, get rid of them—we promise you won’t miss them at all.

Set ceiling fans to cool

Remember that time last fall you so wisely decided to reverse your ceiling fan for winter? Well now it’s time to reverse the reversal. Flip that little switch to make sure your blades are spinning down, blowing cool air on you and keeping you refreshed.