Listen, we know how intimidating being a new homeowner can be. (Or even an experienced homeowner, for that matter.) So we’re here to show you some of the basics you need to know—but might not even know you need to know.
Your Experts
As hosts of a popular TV show, Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell are among the most recognized home improvement experts in the country. Living and working in Boise, Idaho, they’re passionate about designing and building beautiful spaces.
Lesson 1
What Does HVAC
Stand For, Anyway?
Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with vacuuming.
Lesson 2
The Dirt On Vents
Tips for keeping your vents—and your air—nice and clean.
Lesson 3
Attaching A Drill Bit
How to attach a drill bit and how to remove it. Simple, but confusing
if you’ve never done it.
Lesson 4
Finding A Stud
A couple easy ways to find secure mounting spots in your wall.
Lesson 5
Anchoring Away
How to hang heavier stuff on your wall—without finding a stud.
Lesson 6
Leveling Up
Your Leveling
A few tips for making sure your artwork looks its best.
Lesson 7
Fixing A Hole
(Or: The Wonderful World of Spackling)
The secret to repairing those annoying holes in your walls.
Lesson 8
How To Pick A Paint
(And How To Open It)
A little basic color theory—and also, because this is 01, some techniques for opening that can of paint you just bought.
Lesson 9
Where To Put
Your New Furniture
How to make sure the “flow” of your home is on point.
Lesson 10
Filling Your Home
Without Emptying Your Wallet
Tips and ideas for finding/placing décor on a budget.
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