In just a minute or two, these simple fixes can remedy a few of your home's irksome quirks.
How to Fix a Ripped Screen
Give your door a mani-pedi. You read that right.
Clanking Ceiling Fan
A fan shouldn’t raise your blood pressure. Fix the clank in a snap.
Tipsy Washing Machine
It’s easier than you think to keep your washing machine on the level.
Rattling Door
All it takes is a hammer to shut (up) your door.
Creaking Bed
Don’t lose any more sleep over a noisy bed.
Window Painted Shut
Bring a putty knife to this gunfight.
Dented Wood
You don’t need any special equipment to get a small dent out—just a little heat.
Corroded Battery Terminals
Can erasers erase more than pencil? Hint: they can.
Stuck Drawer
Soap: it’s not just for dirt anymore.
Fixing a Stripped Screw
The secret to this age-old bugaboo? It’s… elastic.
Rusty Drain
You don’t need a sorcerer’s stone—just a scratchy one.
Scratched Wood
All you need is a walnut. Wait… a walnut?!