Seasonal Homework
There are some chores, thankfully, we only do on occasion. Here are some little reminders about what to do each time of the year.

Store outdoor furniture

You may have noticed a distinct lack of desire to hang out in the elements lately. That means it’s time to store your outdoor furniture to keep it nice for future sunny days. Do yourself a favor and give it a final clean before stowing away. Then store it in a cool, dry place to avoid mold and pests.

Schedule a furnace inspection

Even if you don’t have a chimney, it’s still time to call the chimney sweep. The flues on your furnace can accumulate waste and debris and become a hazard. Many homeowners are unaware that the utility company does not maintain these. So spend a few minutes with a certified professional and feel safe all winter. Bonus points if they have a fake cockney accent.

Inspect your chimney

It’s that time of year where a fire starts sounding pretty nice. And that means it’s also time to get your chimney inspected. Schedule a certified chimney sweep today with the National Chimney Sweep Guild. They’ll let you know what if any maintenance needs to be done. Then once it’s taken care of you can light a fire, kick back and enjoy.