Seasonal Homework
There are some chores, thankfully, we only do on occasion. Here are some little reminders about what to do each time of the year.

Inspect your outdoor play equipment

It’s the time of year that sends kids running for their swingset. But before they get too high in the air, take a second to inspect your outdoor play equipment. Look for splinters, rust and frayed ropes and make repairs as necessary. If you don’t find what’s unsafe, trust us, your kids will.

Clean the gutters

April showers may bring May flowers, but springtime weather often has another unintended side effect: clogged gutters. Next time you have a sunny day, go out to your gutters and use a small plastic scoop (you can steal one from the kid’s sandbox) to remove anything that’s been caught. That way you’ll avoid water leaks and foundation damage. Plus you’ll get to see what’s on the other side of the neighbor’s fence.

Schedule AC maintenance

We know it feels like you just survived winter, but pretty soon it will be time to turn on the AC. Make sure your unit is running on all cylinders before it gets hot. Book a qualified HVAC specialist to inspect your hardware and make minor replacements like filters and cleaning coils. It will save you a lot of hassle this summer. You know, when it’s hot.